How to do Bold Italic and underline text in WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is an application that gives you the opportunity to instantly receive and send messages to your contacts. Writing a text in bold, italic, and underlined is another way of expressing your thoughts differently. In this article, we will inform you about different methods of writing a text in bold, italic, and underlined. Firstly, we will talk about how to write a text in bold. 


Whatsapp enables you to express your thoughts through your words. It gives you the possibility of various options. If you want to emphasize any word or highlight something you can bold it. There is nothing difficult in doing a text bold. You can use the symbol asterisk from the keypad. 

Suppose you want to bold the word Whatsapp. There are two techniques for doing this.

  1. You can use an asterisk symbol. Put an asterisk, write the word, and put an asterisk again. Example: *WhatsApp*

How to do Bold Italic and underline text in WhatsApp?

  1. Write the word and hold on to the word. After which you will be given options on the screen, select the option Bold and you are done. 

There is no hard and fast rule in applying the method. 


The next thing is how to write a text in italic. Choosing the italic option is another way of writing things in style. Moving a bit opposite from the normal writing style. Sometimes things that are presented differently are more catchy in grabbing attention. Italic is one of the ways by which you can do so. Writing text in italic style can be done using two different techniques. Both of these are mentioned below. 

  1. Write a text, and hold on to the text. You will be given options on the screen, choose italics and you are good to go. 

How to do Bold Italic and underline text in WhatsApp?

  1. Another option is by using the symbol of underscore (_). Put an underscore, write the word you choose to convert in italic style, and put an underscore again. That’s all. Quick, fast, and easy at the same time. 


Underlining a word on WhatsApp or any other application is meant for drawing the attention of a reader toward a specific thing. However, underlining a word directly on WhatsApp is not possible. For doing this you need to download an app separately. BlueWords is an application that you can download. This is the most used application one can rely on. 

How to do Bold Italic and underline text in WhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp

Official Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, both use the same methods. Though, GB Whatsapp comes with enhanced options of services and possibilities for its users. The same techniques for writing a text in bold, italic and underline are to be implied on GB Whatsapp as well. 


What is the need of writing a text in bold or italics?

Changing font styles and writing it differently than used in normal days is nothing but highlighting a specific word, making it look unique from others. 

What is the font of bold?

Any word that is typed in bold is more focused, darker, and thicker as compared to other words. Thus, more prominent.

Can I use italic text in WhatsApp Status?

Yes, you can italicize a text in WhatsApp status as well. The same method of using underscore is to be applied.

Is there any alternative option for underlining a word on Whatsapp?

No, Whatsapp does not give you any option of underlining a word. You have to download an app for this purpose. 


Whatsapp authorizes you to change the font style to make it more interesting and engaging while interacting with your loved ones. Writing any text in bold, italic is a way of highlighting a word thus showing the importance of that word, sentence, or paragraph in your writing. Doing so will eventually grab the attention of your reader more quickly realizing its significance at the same time.

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